Some excellent resources are available for chemistry students at the following links:

Free Chemical Drawing Software…Outstanding!

*  ACD ChemSketch Academic Edition  

*  BioRad KnowItAll Academic Edition 

Free on-line or downloadable Chemistry Calculators:

*  On-line MW & Mass calculators  

*   Gas Law & Radioactive Decay Calculators 

These web sites have links to a variety of Chem freeware/shareware and other Chemistry resources:

*  Science Geek site AcidBaseLab titration, Chemical Thesaurus & more 

*  Kings Centre for Visualization in Science   

*  Mostly Chemistry Shareware Freeware Tutorials      

*  PhET Interactive Simulations (galore)

*  Chemistry

*  Khan Academy Basic Chemistry

*  Khan Academy Organic Chemistry

Periodic Tables: 

*  U of Nottingham Periodic Table videos (excellent)

*  Periodic (nice!)  

*  Web Elements (great photos of elements) 

*  Free Colorful PD Tables

*  Table of Isotopic Masses and Natural Abundances

*   Chart of Nuclides

*  Just How Small is the Atom (Youtube must see)

*  Tom Lehrer's Element Song (incredible)

Spectroscopy: IR, MS, HNMR, CNMR

*  SDBS Organic Spectral Database