CHEM HOGTM was created by Barry Boghean

The content is the result of many years working and teaching in the field of chemistry.  There are currently two types of data; notes (in MS Word and MS Excel format) and chemistry software (created in Macromedia Flash and MS Power Point).

q       The notes content is free for students and teachers to use and distribute freely, however, permission is not given to sell any of this material.

q       The chemistry programs are free to run in your web browser, only.  They are not to be downloaded, copied, or distributed.  If you wish to purchase copies of the software for personal use or for your school, contact the author.  CONTACT ME at

q         Most of the chem programs include Techno music compliments of “JetPack (Scott Lumsden)”.  If you wish to copy and/or distribute this music, you must obtain the permission of the author.  See his ftp site at this address:

A condition for using this material is that you accept that the author has no liability for omissions or errors.  This site is new so errors are inevitable.  Please email me with suggestions, comments and errors.  As time permits, I will update and expand the content of this site.

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Aug 30, 2005