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*General/Intro Chemistry :
atomic particles, quantum numbers, atomic electron configuration, periodic trends
bonding, VSEPR
coordination complexes
transition metal chemistry
polarity/intermolecular forces
nuclear chemistry/radioactivity
various summaries on gas laws, stoichiometry, oxidation, hybridization, electron configuration, etc.

*Data Handling :
using MS Excel for charting, spreadsheets, linear and non linear regression,
using MS Excel for pH calculation and titration end points,
using MS Excel for solving simultaneous systems of linear equations with Matrices, etc.

*WHMIS & Occupational Health & Safety:
Material Safety Data Sheets
Worker training
Control Measures
Emergency Planning
OHSA summary
Student Lab Safety Pledge

Intro to Statistical Process Control for the Manufacturing plant
Intro to Control limits
Intro to Zone Analysis
Reading calipers and micrometers
Intro to Statistical Process Control for the Laboratory
Use MS Excel to prepare X-bar & R-charts, s-charts, median-charts, Histograms & Pareto charts

*Organic Chemistry:
Intro Organic Concepts, problems & solutions
Alkanes problems & solutions
Alkenes problems & solutions
Aromatics problems & solutions
Alkyl Halides problems & solutions
Alcohols & Phenols problems & solutions
Ethers & Thiols problems & solutions
Aldehydes & Ketones problems & solutions
Carboxylic Acids problems & solutions
Carboxylic Acid Derivatives problems & solutions
Stereochemistry, theory, problems & solutions
Amines & amides problems & solutions
Carbohydrates problems & solutions
Infrared Spectroscopy
UV Spectroscopy
Miscellaneous summaries: pKa, pKeq, nucleophiles, resonance, functional groups, etc.

*Polymer Chemistry:
Extended Chain Polyethylene Fibers (Masterís Thesis, B. Boghean, 1993)
Polymer Course
Polymer Experiments

*Physical Science: (Intro)
10 electricity labs
Electric motor diagrams
Electric circuit symbols

*Industrial Control Systems:
Automatic Control Principles
Pressure Measurement
Flow measurement
Pipes, Fittings and Valves